supposed to

Crux: are there ways to identify/distinguish supposed to and want to?

Ultimately, this musing is about “supposed to”: tensions betwixt memory and praxis, past and now, absolutes and ambiguities. Ordinarily, past is past. With care of a child and teaching experience/etc., however, the past is a rich field from which to draw vignettes as teaching tools, including anecdotes others have shared, bits of which I’ve reshared carefully anon since my twenties. Whispernets are a productive habit—yet, with all the practice, I cannot find this thought’s bounds.
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alles wird gut

This post is a small exercise of translating muscles dormant for years.

I’ve been listening recently to Bushido’s “Alles wird gut” (despite the singer’s politics). Google Translate gives me a rash sometimes with its inability to track negatives, pronouns, and occasionally plain ol’ prepositions in German: herewith a truer rendering. Thanks to’s contributors for the German lyrics reproduced below, with sometimes unnecessarily exuberant punctuation; I’m uninterested in registering with them to “annotate.”

Footnotes, then text:
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a cross-cultural footnote

Though I tend to skip conference videos (reading text is faster for me), a title caught my eye in a recent newsletter: “how a 1980s hip-hop beat can be traced back to 1910.” Watch Estelle Caswell’s talk here.

I have wondered about that sound! As Caswell describes, there’s a sound shared amongst many 1980s and early 1990s hip-hop songs. It’s called an orchestral hit. A nifty and groundbreaking machine called the Fairlight CMI (1979) enabled its sampling; ultimately, it’s Igor Stravinsky’s fault, I mean genius. Pretty cool. Also available: the finished cut underlying the talk, produced for’s Earworm series; Robert Fink’s 2005 article in the peer-reviewed journal Popular Music, to which the Earworm segment links and which includes the substance of the reconstruction Caswell presents.

The rest of this post is a cross-cultural footnote about an unexpected disconnect between two related parts of Caswell’s talk.
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an old storify post, archived

Apparently, I posted the content below to Storify “7 years ago.” It’s six calendar years, given the link in the original content, with no precise timestamp within Storify.

Why did we ever think Storify could be used to archive digital content? Mess, metadata-wise.

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glitch unstuck
I’ve been looking forward for a while to Glitch’s open beta, but not for the usual reason.

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here a fitt ends

As of July 2016, I’ll cease to be Digital Publications Manager at the Mark Twain Project, UC Berkeley. (After eleven years, and by choice.) New challenges ahoy.

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