being contingent: a timeline

Found while looking up publication dates, and a good warning for not putting random user reviews into your search result snippet:

In some ways, Zork III: The Dungeon Master is the original Myst clone.

There’s really only one reaction: lol wut

This post is where listicle and annotated bibliography collide as musings over some computer games I played long ago. *blows gently upon dust* It’s another post mostly for me, with the utility in seeing what I could pull from memory.

Most of what I’ve played, whether listed here or not, was enabled by others. Read More »

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views elsewhence

What I’ve learned during my child’s midwinter break =
Twice five things make a post =
A stream of hydrated tweet drafts, too clumsy for Twitter if I emitted one set a day;
plus, I like keeping hold of my own data once in a while.
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excavations, part 1

I’m no archivist, just as I’m not a bunch of other professional things for which I’ve gleaned the basics—but I did work in an archive for a decade, and I’ve read some thousands of archival descriptions for my own work (which didn’t intersect my former workplace by much). There’s a habit of mind to that cluster of experiences, too.

Inherited shards, incomplete list, packed hastily Jan 2018 and unpacked Feb 2019: Read More »

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when life hands you lemons

I know of three common readings for “lemon.” One is an indication of smut in a story (see tvtropes or fanlore). Another is a car or other mechanical device that fails unexpectedly soon. A third is the pre-internet saying of making lemonade from lemons: turning something sour into something enjoyable, more useful, and/or sweeter. I mean that last one (though preserved lemons, not sweet at all, are also great as actual food).

Theme: when a lemon intrudes, tracing multiple possible reasons as a reflexive distancing response can build resilience. NGL, this is an extended navel-gazing session; the post encodes itself somewhat. Read More »

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(dear self:) how to be more active safely

Inspired by the fact that one knee hurts enough again to hinder sleep: here are things about exercise and joint-based invisible physical disability that I wish someone had been able to tell me years ago. Invisible disability means that most people never notice it, but you can’t not notice: you weigh potential costs even for basic errands, such as taking groceries home.

Tack on “insofar as you’re able” to each point below. Read More »

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