cho shim

In 2018, Kiha and the Faces released “Cho Shim” as a single from their fifth and final album. Video.

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thought and memory

Tell Me Everything You Can’t Remember (2017) is Christine Hyung-Oak Lee’s Denkmal (or perhaps better, a Mahnmal) for her stroke at age 33 and subsequent rebuilding. This is the third stroke I know of for a then-thirtysomething woman. In each case, no one expected such an event and thus no one provided the right medical responses until late. One is on disability payments sufficient to let her live quietly. One left a job and quit researching and writing really good literary-historical scholarship in order to research and write knitting patterns. One is Christine, who then had a child, was cheated on, was divorced, has a new partner.
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excavations, part 2: look in

“Attack the day like birds of prey,” the song goes, but it’s one too many dissonant contradictions. Nix.
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six months of running

5.5 months of running around the block, ± once a week from 28 Oct 2018 to 13 Apr 2019: a retrospective. Why not.

In short: didn’t know I could; I can, mostly, but I don’t want to.
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For years, I’ve blogged reading elsewhere. This book seems a good companion to other rn ruminations and excavations lately. Plus, it’s shorter than the other draft I’ve been trying to edit down. This post has sat for several weeks, anyway.

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