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The Future of Electronic Reading

Part of O’Reilly’s Tools for Change mini-con, Oct 2009. Speaker: Matthew Bernius (Rochester Institute of Technology’s Open Publishing Lab) 2009 has been a watershed year for ebooks. According to the Association of American Publishers, not only did are year to date ebooks sales up 149.3%, June 2009 saw the highest amount of ebook trade sales […]

What Readers Want (from Ebooks)

Part of O’Reilly’s Tools for Change mini-con, Oct 2009. All too often our understanding of what readers want is based on what we want ourselves, or outdated assumptions, or even worse—guesses. In this session, panelists will examine the state of the publishing industry through a reader-centric lens. Moderator: Kassia Krozser ( Speakers: Angela James (currently […]

Ebook Pricing

Part of O’Reilly’s Tools for Change mini-con, Oct 2009. Is $9.99 the new “normal” for ebook pricing? Or is the sweet spot closer to $3.99, or $1.99, through the iTunes store? As the age of ebooks dawns, publishers are struggling to find pricing that works for their customers and their business models. It’s a time […]

passing this way and that

On 28 February 1906, Samuel L. Clemens (Mark Twain) spoke at the Hartford, Conn. funeral of his former coachman, Patrick McAleer. Both the local paper (Hartford Courant) and the New York Times carried stories about the event. The Times account of 5 March 1906 included this text: Patrick was a gentleman, and to him I […]

The Google Books Settlement and Information Quality

13:30–15:00 Paul Duguid (m), Adjunct Prof., UCB iSchool Mark Liberman, Trustee Professor [Linguistics], U of Pennsylvania Geoffrey Nunberg, Adjunct Prof., UCB iSchool Clifford Lynch, Director of Coalition for Networked Information Dan Clancy, Engineering Director, Google Book Search