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tech corner

tech corner

Notes on three short talks—includes some poor phone-camera photos.

TEI 2011 opening keynote: Edward Vanhoutte

#tei2011, typed on phone (edited to add: talk has been posted) Poor introducer, whose name I missed, had to read two statements in English at the beginning (with misspeaking of “dark age” for “digital”) before Malte Rehbein’s intro. 150+ participants, 18 countries (Europe, U.S., Asia). Edward Vanhoutte gave a talk in two halves, bridged by […]

SES-36: The “#alt-ac” Track

Wednesday, 22 June 2011, 10:30–noon SES-36: The “#alt-ac” Track: Digital Humanists off the Straight and Narrow Path to Tenure (panel abstract) Bethany Nowviskie1, Julia Flanders2, Tanya Clement3, Doug Reside3, Dot Porter4, Eric Rochester1 1University of Virginia; 2Brown University; 3University of Maryland, College Park; 4Indiana University

SES-29: Integrating Digital Papyrology

Wednesday, 22 June 2011, 8:30–10:00 SES-29: Integrating Digital Papyrology (panel abstract) Gabriel Bodard1, Hugh Cayless2, Ryan Baumann3, Joshua Sosin4, Raffaele Viglianti1 1King’s College London, United Kingdom; 2New York University; 3University of Kentucky; 4Duke University

SES-08: Long papers: ID 196, 315, 346

Monday, 20 June 2011, 10:30–noon SES-08: Long papers: ID 196, 315, 346 Automatic Extraction of Catalog Data from Genizah Fragments’ images (abstract) Roni Shweka1, Yaacov Choueka1, Lior Wolf2, Nachum Dershowitz2, Masha Zeldin1 1The Friedberg Genizah Project, Israel; 2Tel Aviv University, Israel The Digital Materiality of Early Christian Visual Culture: an example from John 20:29 (abstract) […]