here a fitt ends

As of July 2016, I’ll cease to be Digital Publications Manager at the Mark Twain Project, UC Berkeley. (After eleven years, and by choice.) New challenges ahoy.

Collaborating on Han shu (漢書)

Collaborating on Han shu (漢書)

Collaborating on Han shu (漢書) [Part of the 2016 DH Faire as a panelist in “The Library and DH: Support Through Collaboration.” Click on slide images to embiggen.] During this academic year, my MTP colleague Mandy Gagel and I have been the staff participants in Scott McGinnis’s project to build what he calls a digital-literary […]

the state of mark twain project online

Sherry Darling asked on SEDIT-L recently about practices used in publishing documentary materials to the web. Here is my response on behalf of Mark Twain Project Online; I wanted also to post anything at all this year to this blog, so I’ve included the response below.

status: mid-june 2012

So much for blogging more regularly; aside from the usual vagaries of life, I’ve been working on a couple of side projects. One is secret till completed. The other involves copy-editing part of a cool forthcoming game by Keith Nemitz called 7 Grand Steps. Instead of inventing something interesting to write about, therefore, I’ll lay […]

how to make a digital scholarly edition–and why

[These are my speaking notes, cues and all, from a talk delivered at the C19 Americanists conference, Berkeley, CA, 14 April 2012.]