Digital Humanities 2007

These posts pertain to the Digital Humanities conference held at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 4-7 June 2007. (2-8 June according to their site; 4-7 June is the programming.) See also the conference schedule and its abstracts.

Mon 4 June: missed the opening keynote.

Tue 5 June
Session 12: Interoperability of Metadata for Thematic Research Collections: A Model Based on The Walt Whitman Archive
Session 2: Coalition of Digital Humanities Centers (roundtable)
Session 18: Visualities 2
Session 4: ADHO Panel [late-announced topic: work that isn’t primarily lit/lang]

Wed 6 June
[a.m. visit to UIUC library reading room]
Session 24: Representation and Analysis
Session 7: Digital Humanities and the Solitary Scholar (roundtable)
Session 25: Models and Tools

Thu 7 June
Session 14: “Done”: Finished Projects in the Digital Humanities (quasi-roundtable)
Session 30: Interface and User Perspective

Other reports:
Geoffrey Rockwell (TADA)

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