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Technical Product Manager (Team Engine), and de facto App Release Owner
Redfin, San Francisco
Drove monitoring/alerting improvements, including Opsgenie adoption and code ownership. Improved and documented app deploy/release processes while designing the process for a new app. As a11y working group lead, reassessed site/app usability and promoted internal training. Eased points of friction for dev experience. Helped to build community.

2016–18 (and 2016 intern)
Software Engineer in Test
Redfin, San Francisco
Hit the ground running with first task: end-to-end quality coordination (and bonus project management) for an ambitious six-team feature. Learned the business and how to test it by reading specs org-wide. Convened and led our first web accessibility working group. Converted internal blog entries from Ghost to Confluence. Received Redfinnian of the Quarter award, 2017 Q1.

As a three-month intern (though not a student) with the Customer Growth team: tested new experiment flows and logged bugs for several features on desktop and mobile web, Android, and iOS; wrote a test plan for a newly nativized iOS feature; researched and wrote seven API tests in Java to protect mobile endpoints; categorized agent feedback using PostgreSQL.

2005–July 2016
Digital Publications Manager
Mark Twain Project, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley
Lead responsibility for, including TEI local practice, encoding, conversion; project planning; usability review; textual editing; XSLT, CSS, JavaScript; documentation; testing/QA; supervision of graduate and undergraduate student assistants; minor social media.


  • 2010, 2013, 2015: achieved simultaneous web publication of all three volumes of Autobiography of Mark Twain despite workflow variations and a timeline bias toward print.
  • 2012 and 2013: led searches for junior colleagues resulting in two successful hires; undertook their partial supervision (split TEI/editing roles).
  • Oct 2014-June 2015: covered most of MTP’s admin role after a resignation—researched procedural issues, revised former colleague’s transition document to record the results, researched and fulfilled image reprographic orders, updated public-facing website, replied to researchers’ reference and permission-to-publish inquiries, maintained office supplies—then served on search committee and supervised training of new hire.
  • Spring/summer 2015: proofread, tech-edited, and fact-checked redesigned Bancroft website (85+ pages).
  • AY 2015–16: shared workflow and TEI-XML expertise as consultant on Scott Paul McGinnis’s Han shu project.

Proofreader (Senior Proofreader since 2012)
Strange Horizons
On volunteer basis, proofread zine sections (short fiction, poems, columns, reviews) and sent suggestions to section editors; managed monthly proofreading rota; recast and updated style guide.

Member of Webmaster committee
Organization for Transformative Works
Co-implemented a multi-lingual Drupal 6 site from scratch; wrote internal-use documentation; served as liaison with Translation and Systems teams.

2000–2, 2003–5
Graduate Student Instructor
Dept. of English, University of California, Berkeley
Designed and taught research/composition courses as instructor of record, including “Gods and Monsters,” the Arthurian tradition from the ninth century to T. H. White, “Think about the Future,” “Accidental Tourists in Speculative Fiction.”

Graduate Researcher
Digital Scriptorium (Columbia University and UC Berkeley)
Contributed to best-practice markup guidelines for precursor to P5’s TEI-MS module, and applied TEI-XML P4 to Guide to Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the Huntington Library and Census of Petrarch Manuscripts in the U.S.

1997–98 (1996 intern)
Technical Writer
Oracle Corp.
Project lead for Order Entry/Shipping documentation, including end-user and API books; originated end-user Service doc and maintained it till new colleague could be hired; used Interleaf 5, and contributed to testing/recommendations for transition to Frame+SGML plus procedural accommodation of Translation team; assisted as needed with dev QA.


Ph.D. in English, University of California, Berkeley
Dissertation: “Textual Portability and Its Uses in England, ca. 1250–1330″
Examination fields: Middle English, Old English, medieval English historiography

B.A. in English, University of California, Berkeley
Thesis: “The Middle English Prose Brut: An Interpolation and Some Textual Problems in Bancroft MS UCB 152


Co-editor, Letters Newly Published 2. In preparation.

Associate editor and Web publisher, Autobiography of Mark Twain, Volume 3, ed. Benjamin Griffin, Harriet Elinor Smith, et al. University of California Press, 2015.

Associate editor and Web publisher, Autobiography of Mark Twain, Volume 2, ed. Benjamin Griffin, Harriet Elinor Smith, et al. University of California Press, 2013.

Associate editor and Web publisher, Autobiography of Mark Twain, Volume 1, ed. Harriet Elinor Smith et al. University of California Press, 2010.

Co-editor, Letters Newly Published 1. University of California Press, 2010.

Author of six entries, Encyclopedia of the Medieval Chronicle. Graeme Dunphy, gen. ed. Brill, 2010.

Contrib. editor, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, ed. Victor Fischer. Rev. ed. University of California Press, 2010.

Editor, Terminus: Collected Papers on Harry Potter, 7–11 August 2008. Narrate Conferences: 2010.

Editor, Phoenix Rising: Collected Papers on Harry Potter, 17–21 May 2007. Narrate Conferences: 2008.

Contrib. editor, Letters 1876–1880, ed. Victor Fischer, Michael B. Frank, and Harriet Elinor Smith. University of California Press, 2007.

Review of William Marx and Raluca Radulescu, eds., Trivium 36 (2006) special issue, “Readers and Writers of the Prose Brut,” in Journal of the Early Book Society (June 2007), 269–72.

Review of Anna Livia, Pronoun Envy: Literary Uses of Linguistic Gender, in Interdisciplinary Journal for Germanic Linguistics and Semiotic Analysis (Jan. 2002), 297–303.

Professional Activities and Presentations

Speaker, “Collaborating on Han shu (漢書),” The Library and DH: Support Through Collaboration panel, Berkeley, Ca., Apr. 2016.

Speaker, “XML and Workflows: Mark Twain Project Online.” Info 281-02 course (metadata), San Jose State University, Nov. 2015.

Member, User Experience expertise group (UC Berkeley Library), 2014–16.

Speaker, “How to Make a Digital Scholarly Edition—and Why,” C19 Americanists conference, Berkeley, Ca., Apr. 2012.

Member, Library Prize for Undergraduate Research committee (UC Berkeley Library), 2009–11.

Member of planning committee, Sirens conference, Vail, Colo., Oct. 2010 and Oct. 2009; laid out essay collection in InDesign.

Roundtable participant, “Early Middle English Society I: Editing Oxford, Bodleian Library MS Laud Misc. 108,” 44th Int’l Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, Mich., May 2009.

Member, Educational Initiatives Council (UC Berkeley Library), 2008–9.

Academic programming coordinator, Terminus conference, Chicago, Ill., Aug. 2008; edited and laid out essay collection in OpenOffice.

Academic programming coordinator, Phoenix Rising conference, New Orleans, La., May 2007; edited and laid out essay collection in OpenOffice.

Speaker, “Textual Assemblies: The Historiographical Veneer of Harvard Law MS 1,” Medieval Association of the Pacific, UCLA, Mar. 2007.

Speaker, “Diagramming the Past: Li Rei de Engletere and The Description of England,” 41st Annual Int’l Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, Mich., May 2006.

Speaker, “Breaking The Description of England,” Medieval Studies Lunch Talk, UC Berkeley, Apr. 2006.

Graduate student representative, Academic Senate Advisory Committee on the Library (UC Berkeley), 2004–6.

Member of planning committee, The Witching Hour conference, Salem, Mass., Oct. 2005.

Invited participant, “Roundtable Discussion: Teaching the Middle Ages,” Outsiders, Monsters, and Twisted Visions conference, UC Berkeley, Apr. 2005.

Speaker, “Narrative Rendered as Illustration: ‘Li Rei de Engletere’ in Two Genealogical Texts,” Medieval Association of the Pacific, San Francisco, Ca., Mar. 2005

Invited workshop facilitator, “Markup of Medieval Manuscripts,” Digital Scriptorium / Columbia University, Jan. 2005.

Participant, Digital Collections Research Project Focus Group, Center for Studies in Higher Education, UC Berkeley, Oct. 2003.

Workshop facilitator, “Transcription and Markup of Medieval Manuscripts,” Digital Scriptorium / The Bancroft Library, UC Berkeley, Apr. 2002 and Aug. 2002.

Chair of planning committee, Medieval Performativity conference, UC Berkeley, May 2002, coinciding with and subsuming UC Berkeley’s Fiftieth Annual Beowulf Marathon.

Speaker, “Brenhinedd y Saesson and the Inheritance of Galfridian Time,” 37th Annual Int’l Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, Mich., May 2002.

Speaker, “Pre-Conquest English Kings in a Welsh Chronicle,” Medieval Studies Lunch Talk, UC Berkeley, Mar. 2002.

Speaker, “Editing History: Two Peterborough Chronicles,” Medieval Intellectual History: Heretical Versions conference, UC Berkeley, Nov. 1999.

Awards and Honors

2010 Gold Medal, California Book Awards, and 2010 PROSE Award (Humanities) for Autobiography of Mark Twain, Volume 1

Medieval Studies Research Grant, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002

Humanities and Social Sciences Summer Research Grant, 1999

Eugene Cota-Robles Fellowship, 1998–2000

University of California Regents’ Scholarship, 1993–96

Language Training

Old and Middle English, Old French, Modern French, Old and Middle High German, Modern German, Latin, Old Icelandic, and Middle Welsh

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