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Northern Hailian Subcontinent

The kingdoms on and around the peninsula, extending on the northern coast of Halia to the mountains of the northward curve of Ghildraith were once Olaran (peninsula) and Idayago.

These kingdoms are more like tiny principalities that have fractured, split, rejoined over the years, sometimes borders changing every generation or two. The squabbles among the rulers tend to be ignored; what gets the people involved are trade and tax conflicts, much exacerbated by pirates and conquerers who wanted a toehold so as to launch an empire-building run down the straight between Sartor and Drael.

The mountains of Ghildraith have the Winged Folk, who constitute yet another level in relations, as they seldom trust the land dwellers. They were once human, but so very long ago that distinction is at best superficial now.

There is a selense redien in the mountains midway along the range. There is also what remains of an old disirad tower in the city of Larkadhe (also called Larkende for those who have trouble with the pronunciation of the 'dthe' sound), which is in turn built below windharps made by those who tried to emulate disirad, and failed. The origins of the wind harps are utterly lost, at least to surface dwellers: whatever the Morvende know they haven't told. The wind harps, abandoned, have nearly gone silent--but not quite. And their resonance is believed by some to be sensed by those who can 'hear' more than just the wind.

Countries in the Halian Subcontinent (north)

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