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Ianavair was once Lower Olara, which was in a constant struggle with Idayago for the harbor at Lindeth and the excellent land along the mountains. When the Marlovans first crossed the strait and moved south, the Idayagans followed them and carved out a region, which the Olarans shoved back at over the next few generations. This surging tide was only halted when the Marlovans reappeared after several centuries, now wanting land and castles. They took Lower Olara first, and then a generation later, moved north, and the following generation they moved over the pass and spilled into Idayago. Olara never fought; they just shrugged and let the Marlovans defend them, carrying right on exactly as they had before.

Lower Olara became Ola-Vayir. This was actually the largest territory in the Marlovan empire, but it did not satisfy the Ola-Vayir family, who had visions of crowns. They did indeed finally gain the crown of Iasca Leror, but their abilities in government were far exceeded by their ambitions, and they were the main cause of the Marlovan empire's first fall. Later, when the Montredaun-Ans were defeated and Marloven Hess confined to its central plains, Olavair was the very first to break away and make separate treaties. They had been bilingual, but they prudently resumed the northern Iascan dialect they'd always learned along with Marloven, and as a result the northern people accepted them as a polity, mainly in hopes they'd serve as a buffer in case the Marlovens came back. The name of the country gradually blurred into Ianavair.

It's famed for its fine linens, finished and dyed with colors kept secret. It also regulates a lot of the cross-country trade going back and forth. There's a remainder of the Marloven horse culture among the youth especially, who often spend summers congregated in the southern plains.

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