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Mearsies Heili

Small country ruled by Clair Sherwood.

Capital: Mearsies (city on Mount Marcus)

Language: Mearsiean

There are six provinces in this small, mostly agrarian kingdom. They have no court or nobility.[1] There is a selense redien, and two dwellings for magic races. The last anomaly is a castle made of disirad. It's one of the few buildings still standing from those days; the reasons are obscure to those still living in it, and they call it the White Palace, and think it made of icy stone. It's not until the 4760s that they begin finding out some of its history.

Also, for such a small country, it's had a lively history of late. It has been beset by adults who think they can rule better than a girl of thirteen. There are often problems with the Chwahir of the Shadowland and the Yxubarecs.


  • Lake Laeloret
  • Mearsies
  • Senyavin Desert (no one actually lives there)
  • Seram Aru
  • Tornacio Islands
  • Wesset North
  • Wesset South

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