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Nolgand, hard up against the mountains, was once Hali-Vayir, probably the least "horsey" of the Marlovan territories. This area was an isolated region of people in contact with migrated Idayagans and with morvende. Before the Marlovans moved in and took over it was quiet and unwarlike, their main product a remarkable brick.

The Marlovans did not like brick, as it's not useful for defense. While the area was Hali-Vayir the people worked in quarries. The mountains are full of the warm, sandy or honey-colored stone used all over the subcontinent in building. Once the Marlovens lost control of the area, Nolgand was created, and they resumed their old brick-making. The clay there is a warm shade of peachy red that is much prized all over the continent.

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