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Powerful white mage from a long line of female Vithyavadnais mages[1] famed for guarding the Northern Wilds. She lives and studies magic alone, in the ruins of the Old Sartoran city of Roth Drael.[2] For a time she was put in charge of the magic protecting the captured (or recaptured) dyra, and she spent most of her young years experimenting with them, trying to get them to function. It wasn't until the forties and fifties that she began to learn why she never would have succeeded, but the experiments did produce valuable insight in other directions.

But mages called her the "dyr mistress"--a title that eventually drew Norsunder's attention.


She is medium sized, with a kind face. She wears a plain gown sewn with lots of pockets and goes barefoot. She keeps her ruddy-highlighted brown hair in a long braid.[3]


She is a calm, comfortable person with a sense of humor. [4]



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