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Mage header of the Bereth Ferian mage school, sometimes called the Northern school; friend of Tsauderei. King in Bereth Ferian, an honorary title that is mostly one of presiding over the now-outdated Federation of kingdoms. Guardian of Irtur Vithyavadnais, his heir.

Evend and Tsauderei were young, wild and handsome mages together decades ago, in the generation after Sartor's disappearance. At that time, the Northern school was the only place where mages affiliated with the Mage Council were trained. The 'Sartoran' before Mage Council was dropped for the first time in centuries, as all the top mages, who had rallied to Sartor's aid, had vanished with Sartor.

On Sartor's reappearance, there was a lot of tension as the balance of power was sorted out, while Sartor tried to catch up, and all were dealing with disturbing appearances of Norsundrians.

Evend was an early lover of Erai-Yanya's mother, which established his connection with the family. He tutored Erai-Yanya, and then, when her son showed aptitude for magic but craved social connections, he adopted the boy.

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