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Liere Fer Eider

She is known as Sartora and becomes famous for saving the world from Siamis.She is the first to rediscover Dena Yeresbeth.


She has straight light brown hair. She's thin, with a frail build, round-faced, with large honey-brown eyes that look gold in direct light; as she gets older her distinctive genetic background slowly emerges.

Personality Traits

She is from South End, a trade town built on the edge of a ruin in the Tehr Dole region of Imar. When she was a child, she reflected her father's obsession with order and obedience by becoming anxious.' She believes emotions are weak and tries to avoid them. Dena Yeresbeth was a burden for her, until she gained some experience.

The Fer Eiders originated out of the Eid, which was a sizable principality held by the Dei family until they were discredited for ambition, and Imar and Everon split.

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