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Yustnesveas Landis

Queen of Sartor. Yustnesveas V, prefers to be called Atan, her mother's nickname for her.


Her Landis gooseberry eyes are so deep a blue they are almost violet. Her eyes are set wide apart as are her eyebrows. She has a long mouth and very long brown hair.[1]



When Norsunder took Sartor in the mid-4600's they killed almost the entire royal family. If it hadn't been for Yustnesveas' nurse Gehlei, she would have been killed as well. As it was she escaped and lived in the valley of Delfina until she was able to go in and break apart the spells binding Sartor and begin her rule. Her nickname is Atan, meaning sun, given her by her mother. She will be known by that except when on the throne.[2]

Personality Traits

Studious, a magic geek. Does the child spell for some years, lifts it about the same time that Liere Fer Eider does

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