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Sartorias-deles is a planet circling Erhal, the sun. This solar system is different, so notions of years and time are different than on Earth.

Erhal has six planets, four others being inhabitable, another newly restored with a small population (after being nearly destroyed--see Fire Jive). [1]

Inhabitable planets

  • Songre Silde (the third world) the fog world, populated by humanoids, governed by a group called the Norss. The enemies of the Norss--aliens--were called the end-har which is where the name Norsunder originated. There is one story that takes place there, and it is visited in a couple more stories.
  • Sartorias-deles (the fourth world)
  • Aldau-Rayad (the fifth world) is very small. It looks like a bright star in S-d's night sky.Al-AthannValley held descendants of the pre-fall inhabitants.
  • Geth (the sixth world) has an inhabited moon. cycles opposite Sartorias-deles, so neither is visible in the other's night sky.

Transport between planets is possible via a world gate, which is how off-worlders from Earth get to Sartorias-deles.

1. Private email

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