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Definitions A-Z

Have you ever wondered, "What does _______ mean?" Well, this is the place to find the answer. All terms that have even only a slightly different meaning than the everyday equivalent will be listed here alphabetically, leading to more in-depth explanations or related subject pages where necessary. See Languages for terms in S-d languages.

n. behaving like a typical adult
adj. sexy, unsubtle and unambiguous flirtation; n. a worker at a pleasure house (also, bawdy boy n., bawdy girl n., bawdy house n.)
n. a swat with a baton across the shoulders as punishment in Marloven Hess
bran gas
n. hot air--someone who blabs a lot of * *
burn it!
A exclamation of upset.
court decoration
n. an insult used to say that people at court are nothing better than a decoration.
n. anything romantic interaction -- from a light flirtation to an affair -- with no deep emotional commitment or promise of fidelity
n. three ridings; 27 warriors
n. snobbery, assumption of superiority based solely on rank.
an exclamation of upset or frustration.
n. The proper insult of a villian, created by CJ Sherwood. Must be creative and prefaced by at least seven adjectives.
n. the smallest unit (nine) of organized warriors, understood to come from Marloven Hess, but actually dates back to the early days of the Venn. Ridings can be broken into teams of three. Three ridings makes a flight and three flights make a wing. Wings can be combined into armies.
n. messenger, personal assistant, defender, valet, secretary. Though runners in Marloven Hess serve, they have never been regarded as servants because of their military status as defenders. Historically they could not marry, though that rule was eased over time, especially after the years when Runners were also mages.
v. beat someone up (implication between equals, more or less, not someone in authority delivering lawful punishment)
n. beginners
n. showing off, swanking, assuming superiority
n. a magical seal with a spell on it for veracity, that is affixed by guild officials to legalize a statement, a deal, a payment, or other forms of exchange. During various times over the years sved has also been slang for truth or official word as opposed to mere rumor.
turf out
v. throw out of your space
v. dating; seeing another person exclusively
n. a caning or beating that causes bleeding
n. a caning or beating causes welts but does not draw blood
n. three flights; 81 warriors

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