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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about Sherwood Smith, her works, and the fan community. For answers to more questions, visit the Frequently Asked Questions section of Sherwood Smith's website.

1. Are there any more stories about Mel and Vidanric?

Yes. A Stranger to Command, the story of Vidanric's early training, came out in August 2008. �Beauty� and "Court Ship." They appear again in The Wicked Skill, and Ship Without Sails, etc.

2. Will there be a fourth Wren book?

Wren Journeymage is now an ebook.

3. I've heard that Sherwood Smith has written scenes of Crown Duel from Vidanric's point of view. Where can I find those?

The e-book version of Crown Duel has outtakes from Vidanric's point of view.

5. Is there a timeline for the stories somewhere, so I know in which order to read them?

Yes! There are several timelines right on this wiki. The story timeline will tell you what year each story takes place, if you want to read them in chronological order. A much simpler list is on my website, also under FAQ

10. Can you point me to other sites related to Sherwood Smith and her stories?

See Links.

11. Can you tell me more about this wiki?

The S-d wiki is a comprehensive guide to the works of Sherwood Smith set in the world of the same name. From the planet's cosmology to the terms often used that we off-worlders are unfamiliar with, this website attempts to explain the ins and outs of S-d. The reader's fascination by the richness and immense details of Sherwood's world is usually matched with a desire to organize such information; many have expressed a wish for a reference guide of this nature. The main categories are indicated in the sidebar, but beneath the surface you will find related groups, categories and articles.

Of course, this website is, first and foremost, a wiki. According to Wikipedia, the king of all wikis, a wiki is "a collaborative website which can be edited by anyone with access to it." The more people contribute to this website, the better, larger and more complete the S-d wiki becomes. However, due to sensitive copyright laws and general security concerns, you must obtain a special password in order to be able to edit any articles. Also, as it is too burdensome to run a registration system, only regular contributors will have accounts. Guest editors are welcome, however, and should read the proper section under the Editing Guidelines. It is also customary to cite textural support, or if none is available, the abbreviation for popular sources. See the Citation Handbook for details.

Take a look around, and see what you can find!

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