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Citation Handbook

We use a specific citation method to ensure that it's as easy as possible to check an article's references. Sherwood doesn't need to use citations, of course, but everyone else should include citations whenever they add information so other readers can find it as well. Some things can be considered common knowledge, but as a general guideline, anything that a casual reader wouldn't remember after one read-through needs a citation.

Citation Syntax

PmWiki doesn't have an easy citation markup, so we'll provide our own for now. Each citation has two parts: numbered links within the article text and a reference section at the bottom. The page anchors may not seem necessary in short articles, but they will come in extremely handy for longer articles.

Numbered Links

  • Each link should be a superscript number immediately following the information it goes with. You can type it as '^[[#ref | #]]^' -- the # symbol will automatically be converted to numbers when you save the page. It should show up like this: [1]
    • The double brackets mean it's a link
    • #ref means it links to the part of the page labeled "#ref"
    • | # means the link will show up as a number
    • The '^ and ^' make the reference into a superscript, for style reasons
  • Continue adding '^[[#ref | #]]^' elsewhere in the article if needed. The numbers should show up automatically: the next two appear as [2] and [3] respectively. If you type it again, you will have 4 and 5 in brackets as well, and so on.

References Section

  • The reference section will be at the bottom of the page, just above the categories and wiki trail. You've been typing #ref for the entire article, and this is the place where #ref will be defined. Type [[#ref]]. On the next line, list all of your citations by number.
  • If you're citing an online source, like Athanarel or Castle Tlanth, post the external link. The code for that would be [[http://www.something.com | link]]
  • This format can be used for footnotes, too. Just put the footnote in at the bottom instead of a citation.[4]

In the end, the reference section should look something like this when you type it:

# Citation [[http://www.something.com | link]]
# Citation
# Citation
# This is a footnote.

And at the bottom of the page, you'll see this:


  1. Citation link
  2. Citation
  3. Citation
  4. This is a footnote.

(For the full effect, scroll back up and click on the numbers in brackets.)

Existing Citation Style


Sherwood has written a lot of stories, so there needs to be a simple way to refer to them. The abbreviation should replace the Citation text in the reference table above. It should consist of a source code, a period (.) and then a string of numbers, these numbers indicating the page (if it is published), the chapter (if it is unpublished), or the message or digest number (if it is an internet source).


Published Books *

  • CD - Crown Duel *
    • BEA - Beauty (published in the anthology, Firebirds in 2004)
    • CS - Court Ship (forthcoming in the anthology, Firebirds Soaring in fall 2008)
    • CDO - Crown Duel outtakes, I'll figure out how to cite this later
  • IN - Inda (Inda, book 1)
  • SEN - Senrid
  • TWK - The Trouble With Kings (forthcoming from Samhain Publishing in February 2008)

Stories online or yet unpublished

Online sources

  • D - Castle Tlanth digest (Yahoo! Group)
  • LJ - LiveJournal Athanarel community

Important notes

  • For the sake of keeping it simple, all published books will refer to the hardback editions. We know perfectly well that not everybody owns every edition, but having citations be overly complicated to follow would defeat the purpose of having them.
  • In a similar vein, the official Crown Duel book will be the e-book edition, with Crown Duel and Court Duel combined, plus Vidanric outtakes. This is the edition preferred by Sherwood.
  • If you have a paperback or a separate Crown Duel or Court Duel, or if you just cannot remember where the information is sourced and do not have time to look it up, make a note of it. For instance, instead of writing the proper Citation where it is supposed to be up there, write Citation needed - insert reason here. The reason could be in the LJ archives or on page 131 of the paperback edition of... etc. Someone will (eventually) come along and correct it.

Simplified Citations? (up for discussion)

With so many books published since the last round of wiki updates, many existing citations need to be updated with new chapter or page numbers. Because not all the books have a hardcover edition, it may be more consistent to use chapter numbers across the board. Additionally, I (kateoftate) find it hard to keep track of all the abbreviations, so unless anyone objects, I'm planning to switch to using book names rather than abbreviations.

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