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Advanced Formatting Cheat Sheet

Here's a quick refresher on the more complicated formatting used in the S-d wiki. These are in the same order you'd place them in an article: table of contents at the top, and references, wiki trail, and categories -- in that order -- at the bottom.

Table of Contents

>>contents width=200px<<
* [[#head1 | Heading 1]]
** [[#subhead1a | Subheading 1a]]
** [[#subhead1b | Subheading 1b]]
* [[#head2 | Heading 2]]
** [[#subhead2a | Subheading 2a]]

Character Lists

The character lists use a PmWiki pagelist to include a list of all characters in a given category. If the page you're adding the list to has the same name as the category you want to list, use:

(:pagelist group=Characters link=Category.{$Name} list=normal fmt=#title:)

If the page name and the category name are different, replace {$Name} with the name of the category. If you add other list items below the pagelist command, they'll all look like part of the same list.


In-text citations: '^[[#ref|#]]^'

References section:

Wiki Trails

Wiki Trails are the navigation bars on the bottom of reader's guides, character lists, and so on, that automatically add links to the previous and next pages. To create a wiki trail, you need a bullet-pointed list of all the pages in the trail, called a trail list. Then add the wiki trail code to the bottom of each page in the trail:

%trail%<|[[Trail List]]|>>

If you want to connect the first and last pages in the wiki trail (so that it's a loop), just repeat the first item at the end of the list. You can use a comment to hide it:
*[[First Page]]%item comment%


%categories%[[Categories]]: [[!Cat1]] || [[!Cat2]]
See Categories for the categories in use.

Categories: Guidelines

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