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Suggestion Box

Please use this page for any questions, comments, suggestions, or notes for the maintainers or admin at any time. Remember to "sign" your comments with four tildes (or your name, if you are a guest editor). Thanks!

The suggestions should be arranged by related group, but if you don't know where to put your suggestion, feel free to add it at the very top, and other editors will move it to the correct place. Suggestions, etc. that are no longer relevant may be moved to the Suggestion Box Archive.

Wiki Maintenance

Wiki Clean-Up 2013: The wiki hasn't really been updated since 2009, so I figured it's about time to come give it some attention. Right now, I'm going through a section at a time and cleaning up the material that's already here; if anyone else wants to chip in, either cleaning up or adding new material, that would be fantastic. I've archived all the old discussions from this page and summarized the changes I've made so far, in case any old-timers want to know what's different. kateoftate May 03, 2013, at 06:11 PM

Thank you so much for this! thistle May 04, 2013, at 13:49


With so much new stuff published, the Citation Handbook needs some clean-up, too. Most of that's simple enough, if a bit time-consuming -- move things to the published list and track down the new chapter numbers, and leave the still-unpublished ones alone. (And add UAT/UvT, which is cited a few times but isn't in the handbook.) I don't have anything in hardcover, though -- mine are all ebooks, which are much easier to buy at 2am -- so unless anyone objects I think I'm switching the Official Citation Format to chapter number only, regardless of publication status. kateoftate May 06, 2013, at 02:30 PM

General Suggestions

FROM SHERWOOD: If anyone knows how to unlock the character categories so I can get at individual characters and get their names spelled right, I would appreciate it! The character lists seem to be hidden behind some kind of wall.

I've added an Main.AllPages link to the menu in hopes that it'll help us find misplaced pages and the like. thistle October 12, 2014, at 10:24 AM

I'd like to standardize the pages within individual categories a little bit, so that all the Reader's Guides have the same basic format, or all the major character profiles, or what have you. I made a template for book information based on what sections the existing pages have; are there any other templates you think we should have? If so, what do you think should go in them? kateoftate May 03, 2013, at 06:11 PM


I love the category system, but it hasn't been implemented very widely. There were already categories for a few books, and people had mentioned using categories for major characters, families, story arc, and time period. I'm going to start using some of those, and a few wiki maintenance-type categories to indicate what pages really need additions, reorganization, whatever. Good idea, or overkill? kateoftate May 03, 2013, at 06:11 PM

I like categories but didn't feel I had a strong enough grasp of the overall content set to work on them. Certainly, surfacing pages that could use some attention would be helpful, too. Thumbs up from me. thistle May 04, 2013, at 13:47
I like the maintenance categories, too, especially since I haven't been able to find a convenient list of missing/orphaned/problematic pages. So I figured I'd put a link here and/or at Editing Guidelines that lists maintenance categories and missing pages? kateoftate May 04, 2013, at 02:05 PM
Also, what do you think about cases where the same name refers to lots of things? "Sartor" is the big offender here -- do we use separate categories for "Sartor (Book)", "Sartor (Country)", "Sartor (Continent)"...? "Senrid" is a bit ambiguous, too, but I'm not convinced we need character categories (at least not yet). kateoftate May 04, 2013, at 02:05 PM

If anyone wants to look through the categories I've been using, you can find them all at the Category page. I've added basic categories for books, locations, major families, and wiki maintenance, and then those categories are organized into more categories (like "Story Thread"). I'm still not sure what to do with a couple of things, though:

Thing 1: Books, Locations -- tagging pages vs. tagging categories: so far what I've done is put Book Categories in Place Categories based on where they take place. As an example, Category: Marloven Hess links to Category: Senrid (Book), Category: Fleeing Peace, and Category: A Stranger to Command, but not to Senrid, Fleeing Peace, or A Stranger to Command; Category: A Stranger to Command links to Category: Marloven Hess and Category: Remalna, but not to Marloven Hess or Remalna. (The A Stranger to Command page just links to Category: A Stranger to Command, and the Marloven Hess page would just link to Category: Marloven Hess.) I think it would be nice to link all relevant pages in all relevant categories. But that might be me going overboard, and it might be overwhelming to have a gigantic list of tags at the bottom of a page? kateoftate May 06, 2013, at 02:30 PM
Thing 2: Similar to Thing 1, should individual book pages be tagged with Story Thread categories? Or just book categories? kateoftate May 06, 2013, at 02:30 PM

Reader's Guides

I'm working on these now -- standardizing page structure and adding publication information for books (and book editions) that have been released since the last set of updates. kateoftate May 03, 2013, at 06:11 PM

I'm done cleaning up the pages for the S-d books (I think), but I haven't done the others yet. I got sidetracked by the categories and character lists... kateoftate May 06, 2013, at 02:30 PM


Who's Who

I've been updating the character lists so that we don't have to manually enter and alphabetize them -- most of the by-book and all the by-country pages now automatically list all characters with the appropriate tag. Some of the old lists had characters whose pages hadn't been created yet; those I either created with categories only (now listed at Category: Empty Pages) or moved to a separate list below (e.g., Mearsies Heili Bounces Back). To go along with that, I've tagged just about all of the individual character pages with the books they're in and the country they're from, and I added a needs expansion tag to the ones that only had a one-line description. The Inda Series I haven't touched -- it's going to have to wait until I have actual free time, not just manic procrastinating time. kateoftate May 06, 2013, at 02:30 PM


sherwood, thistle, and I have added a section of maps, but they probably haven't been linked everywhere they should be. Also, there aren't any links from the maps to other pages that might be of interest -- like the atlas pages of the countries they depict. I'll do that when I get to the atlas section, unless someone else wants to do that first. kateoftate May 03, 2013, at 06:11 PM

Lifestyle and Culture

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