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Most of the history of this region is recounted in United Nadeyv Aleya. Estavyenka seems to get is name from the people who lived here, after their habit of placing hands together in the ancient Venn peace most. The word Estavi means prayer, a word that eventually meant talks-to-spirits. Like the northlands, some people hollow out dead trees and tunnel under for dwellings. But they prefer the heart-tree homes, described below: to have to live in a hollow tree is to declare oneself shiftless, ambitionless, accepting of leavings.

The people here tend to be secretive, and their history is so blurred that there are layers of figurative language and deflected meaning. It's thought that the original Toarans might have landed here, fighting terribly before a mutual split in all directions. This is the southernmost reach of the area the Venn later attempted to colonize: a great deal of Venn custom and language has blended with the local same.

It is a heavily forested land, featuring enormous, powerful, and very old fig trees, or "Bodhi" trees that adapted to the environment. Some of these trees have been trained to curve round forming hollows that make dwellings. some of these are very old, and astonishingly complicated, with trained-vine bridges between dwellings.

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