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Capital Carilac.

Feleit is a heavily wooded island, though with hilltops open to the sun on which are grown coffee and sugar. The woods are rich, related to the colorwoods, and so are highly prized elsewhere. Thus the island, though small, has a formidable trade presence.

It was peopled early on by renegate Chwahir (escaping from governmental harshness) and by runaway slaves from Toar (when the early Toarans were still trying to continue the cultural hierarchy they came over with). The people run to small, dark-haired, slanty eyes, their coloring varying. They are unobtrusive and wary; there is only one city, the capital, which is their trade center. The rest of the people live in villages well hidden on the island, with no signs whatsoever, and the trails just that, never widened to roads.

Storytelling is prized here; in fact, trade has been effected by negotiations based on song and stage. Thus the Marlovans were successful in almost reversing a severe economic downturn by contact with traders who sang Marlovan ballads, accompanied by dance. The firm trade alliance for the coffee trade that existed for centuries was based on that.

The Venn tried to annex the island several times. They even occupied the harbor city, but discovered that the evacuated inhabitants would not return. They established a colony in the deserted city, and even put people to work but the crops never prospered, and there was a constant war of attrition that made the colony fail. The Venn were much superior in fighting, but they could never find anyone to fight with.

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