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Lorgi Idego

Lorgi Idego is the main part of what was once Idayago, which in turn was a federation of four separate regions. United for trade, Idayago's government never was successful in its second purpose, which was to fight off Venn, pirates, or other types of invaders, either from land or sea. Most of their negotiations in fact ended up being quarrels with the Olarans of the peninsula, as each vied for control of the Andahi Pass, and for Lindeth Harbor where the Andahi River emptied just below the peninsula.

It was conquered by the Marlovans and held as part of the empire until the empire was broken up by two alliances, one southern, and one northern. The result left Idayago free again, but it broke apart almost at once, and remains four polities to this day.

The capital is at Ariath. The current ruling family is the Rensselaer, who are related to the Rensselaeus family of Outer Sartor. The country is mainly known for its wines, but its secondary crop is rice, grown in the lowlands.

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