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This nation is wealthy, full of history, music, art, dance--and its people colored like the rainbow, due to an ancient spell. Various races have so blended on this world there is no sense of superior race, but the Color People's relation to color is so idiosyncratic that while they are respected elsewhere, and even admired, many do not want to mix with them, and risk having a child born bright green, with orange hair and eyes: unlike the genetics based on levels of melanin in skin, the color spell does not mix shades, but reproduces in random patterns.

Art, architecture, writing, everything thus reflects the Color scheme here. Even music is influenced, creating complex and polyphonic melodies that are heavily influenced by the morvende sunsiders, who like living in this area.

The ruling family is named Murven-Tzan, the language a blend called Harnesh.

The kingdom is wealthy, good farmland making it self-sufficient. There is a lot of tourist travel, especially among the villas where all the races, including centaurs, come and go freely.

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