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Tiv Evair

Once part of the great Marlovan empire, Tiv Evair takes its name from those days, and the language is the local mixture of old Marlovan and Iascan. The country was created by treaty and negotiation. The remnants of the Marlovens, cut off from the homeland, and denied access to the sea, which was fiercely guarded by the mostly Iascan people of Nov Rual (another creation) they tried various ways of gaining wealth, which included sending their progeny into the world to get ideas.

One of these offspring came back raving about eastern life, and so they and their kinsman over in Nolgand (another creation) banded together, sinking all their wealth into refashioning the old Marlovan garrison at Halir into a 'Sartoran' pleasure retreat along the lake, which they renamed Hirier, a Sartoran name. For a long time it looked like they might have built the most beautiful ghost town ever, but a combination of rich young aristocrats wanting to get away from their parents' control and the old watering holes, political brangling, and a streak of exceptional weather brought the young and rich from Ianavair, as well as other localities, and a couple of charming personalities helped cement the area as the place to be in summer. The place was so much fun that some stayed over winter, and the lake and nearby river being a good size for freezing made winter sports as popular as summer. Thus artists, textiles, etc were drawn, and the local economy is quite strong. This is the site for many Halian negotiations.

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