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'Visegn is a tiny country, smaller than some baronies elsewhere. Its main claim is its capital city, Larkadhe, or "city of enchantment" with its famed Old Sartoran white tower in the center, from which, when the winds are right, one can hear the wind harps on the high mountains. The city sits directly east of the main road down the peninsula, and directly south of the winding road to Agana, which has a major harbor. Directly west is a major harbor, Lindeth. Southward lies the road down to the rest of the Halian subcontinent. Larkadhe is a pleasant city, where traders crossing every which way love to stop, enjoy good food from all over the world, listen to traders' gossip, see a surprising range of entertainments.

The name "Visegn" is a blurring of "Venn's End," which was a name given the stretch of beachland south of the harbor of Lindeth. Gradually the name acquired more land eastward, and at last became a bordered place name. The country has little else to claim, beyond a reputation for secret Old Sartoran magical knowledge hidden away somewhere, but those kinds of rumors are a tinklet a ten, as everyone tells one another. So they were considerably surprised when the commander of the Norsunder War chose their city, out of all on the world, for his headquarters. A distinction they are still recovering from some years later.

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