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Westward Isles

These islands have a mixture of Sartoran seafarers, so there are a lot of slanty-eyed red-heads among the others. The islands have a colorful history, being taken and retaken by pirtes, privateers, colonizers, seekers, explorers, various conquerors, traders, etc. Yeath and gems are the main trade items, also ship building and repair. Mages have also used the islands as isolated places for study and meditation, thus mages have sometimes gotten involved in local disputes with odd results, as mages are generally forbidden to involve themselves in politics unless attacked.

There is also a legend that the infamous original slave ship stopped here first, and it was here that the white crew was slaughtered, and the Portuguese priest let off with some of his followers before the ship sailed north. In recent centuries there were ancient Christian symbols found here carved into caves, kept secret by the mages lest they be destroyed. But there are other time anomalies that make them very careful about assumptions.

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