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This is actually a city, tucked up against the brilliantly striated, rocky mountains central to the continent. As much of a polity as exists in this midland area lies in this city, where all the desert and surrounding merchants trade. It's probably the most colorful, varied, and interesting market on the continent, with representatives from everywhere. The rare times there have been questions of continental interest discussed, the delegates have met here.

There is a great deal of marble in the mountains, along with other precious gems and metals; the city is made of the most beautiful forms of stone, with marble walls and screens paper-thin, perforated in dazzling patterns, and natural stone tile in exquisite patterns. Mages have brought water up from deep underground lakes, fed by the powerful storms farther north, so the city fountains and pools never run dry, though there is relatively little rainfall, except in the four months of winter.

The Six Cities of Andeti

The cities are small oases in a largely desert area, full of nomads, traders, exiles, troublemakers and also weird beings, ghosts, and other colorful figures of various states of being. The cities organized after centuries of feuding, fighting, raiding, and so forth. Some of that still goes on, but there are actually agreed-on rules for these things. It's not an area for the staid, but many, especially the young, love to travel through the area, have adventures and experience exotic goods, etc.

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