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Danse De La Folie

Danse de la Folie
Publisher: Book View Café
Publication Date: August 19, 2012
Media Type: Ebook
Pages: 298
ISBN: 9781611381931
Available at: Book View Café
Amazon, Barnes & Noble

"A light-hearted Regency folly, starring Miss Clarissa Harlowe who wants a quiet life-but falls in love with a smuggler, the marquess of St. Tarval. Tarval's sister, Lady Kitty, is determined to write a dramatic Gothic to save her brother's mortgaged estate-if she can reach London. Clarissa's much-pursued cousin, Mr. Philip Devereaux, is inexplicably intrigued by Lady Kitty, who is doing her best to encourage the match between him and Clarissa, except that Clarissa is now betrothed to . . . Lord Wilburfolde. And so the madness of changing partners begins in the dance of love.

(And because I can't help my mind thinking that way . . . a connection to Revenant Eve)"[1]


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