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Posse of Princesses

A Posse of Princesses

Second edition (ebook) cover

Publisher: Book View Cafe
Publication Date: March 2008
Media Type: Hardcover
Pages: 300
ISBN: 1-934648-26-4
Available at: Book View Café, Amazon, Barnes & Noble


Rhis, princess of a small kingdom, is invited along with all the other princesses in her part of the world to the coming of age party of the Crown Prince of Vesarja, the central and most important kingdom. When Iardith, the prettiest and most perfect of all the princesses, is abducted, Rhis and her friends decide to go to the rescue. What happens along the way and after has unexpected results not only for the princesses, but for the princes who chase after them. Everyone learns a lot about friendship and hate, politics and laughter, romantic ballads and sleeping in the dirt with nothing but a sword for company. But most of all they learn about the many meanings of love.[1]

Other Editions

A Posse of Princesses is also available as an ebook:

PublisherBook View Café
Publication DateSeptember 10, 2010


  1. Sherwood Smith Website link

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