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Ignaz Spaquel

Categories: The Trouble With Kings || Lygiera || missing page

Duke of Osterog, a duchy against the border mountains near Drath. Ignaz grew up with a taste for fine things, without the wealth to back it up. That and a penchant for intrigue caused him to winnow his way into court, flattering everyone, especially an aging king. Court appointments followed, filling his coffers. He was not a bad manager, and would have survived the death of the old king and the commencement of a new rule had he resisted the temptation to listen to the blandishments of Prince Garian of Drath--and to dip his hands into the royal coffers.

He ended up an exile on his own lands, which was actually a good thing. Deprived of court, he established his own poetic court, full of flattering local nobles who smiled at his poetic afflatus; he married, his wife Corlis Medzar not only widened the ducal court to include music, but she put her considerable gift at organization to the betterment of the land.

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