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Senrid's father, descended from Senrid, the last of the would-be empire building kings.

Indevan was known for his even temper, but above all, his brilliance. The middle brother of three sons, (Kendred, Indevan, and Tdanerend) he was popular in the academy, and with the people. When Kendred finally revolted against his father after an unsuccessful coup involving a couple of enterprising women in the army, and rode fast over the border with a capture squad on his heels, Indevan faced down his angry father, and stood between him and the restless people, and the neighboring kingdoms, until the old king finally died.

Old king Senrid insisted on closing the academy to women, which Indevan had to accept (the Jarlan who had conspired with Kendred had left bodies in her wake, as she'd had designs on a crown) but Indevan in turn was able to broker a treaty. His skills at negotiating came of years of reading his neighbors histories, and learning the old languages.

He married Princess Feren Casarod (her sister Kairi married Tdanerend, who murdered both women) in 4720.

He was murdered by Tdanderend when Senrid was five years old, partly due to ongoing arguments about the place of magic, but also because Indevan wanted to open the academy to women again--and eventually his long plan was to shift the Marloven warrior culture to a ready militia, with men and women raised to trades, and weapons only if needed. Tdanerend thought that the last betrayal of the glory of their ancestors, and knifed his brother in the back so he couldn't see his face.

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