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Jilo Sonscarna

Son of a man known only as Sergeant Dzan (as Shnit Sonscarna forbids his people using family names), he was the adopted herr of Kwenz Sonscarna, who was placed by his younger brother in the Chwahir outpost known as the Shadowland, with strict orders to expand into Mearsies Heili. Jilo was taught magic by Kwenz, though when he learned too fast, Shnit practiced spells on him, attempting to find something that destroyed initiative yet left the subject obedient to orders. Jilo and his carefully selected gang of toadies and snitches tangled with CJ Sherwood and her gang, ostensible in the quest to take Mearsies Heili, but what Jilo really wanted was to find the girls' underground hideout so he could take it for himself. Jilo's secret pleasure is drawing, something that would earn him an instant death sentence if Shnit caught him at it; if there is anything more useless than music for the tone-deaf king, it's art.

After the Siamis War, Jilo's life begins to change radically.

Categories: Mearsies Heili Bounces Back || Fleeing Peace || A Sword Named Truth || Chwahir Shadowland || Sonscarna Family

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