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Julian-Sartora Dei is cousin on their mothers' side to Yustnesveas Landis. She was named for her mother, who was also Julian-Sartora, but the small Julian did not find out about the second name for many years, and never used it.


She has Blond-streaked brown hair and Landis eyes, inherited from past relatives (the Deis and Landises having crossed several times).[1]


Personality Traits

Traumatized by the war when she was very small, she refused to be educated, or even to behave, after Sartor was freed. For a time her behavior was wild, until she overcame her fears, leaving her very self-possessed, determined to adventure, to help Sartor, but never to be sucked into court, titles, or ruling, though she adopts Landis as her name, repudiating Dei for a very long time.[2]


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