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Janec Keriam reached his fifties when Senrid became king.

He went through the academy with the previous generation. After his two years in the city guard he was promoted, and as he was content with barracks life, he accepted a riding captaincy, which grew into a watch captaincy.

He distinguished himself by catching word of a planned coup by the oldest prince, Kendred, and reported it to the king. He also warded off a backlash coup against the second son, protecting his life. For both these actions he won medals, and was promoted to a trusted position as military-side steward, interfacing with the castle steward; one of his jobs was overseeing supplies at the academy. That gradually evolved into selection of boys for the academy, and oversight of the boys. He was promoted rapidly under Indevan for his insight and excellence as a trainer, until he ended up as commander of the academy just before Indevan was killed.

Tdanerend did not dare to get rid of him, as the jarls had all either been his comrade at the academy, or their boys had been under his training. He was thus able to begin a resistance as Tdanerend's rule got worse; he wanted to avoid civil war if possible, and to protect the life of Indevan's son, Senrid.

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