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MV, short for Mal Venn* is one of Detlev's "poopsies". He is the cousin of Prince Guntur and was taken by Detlev when he was four years old because he was smart.[1]


Tall (the tallest of the poopsies)[2] and lean. His face is planed and sunbrowned His mouth is described as having caustic corners. His hair, eyebrows and eyelashes are black. His eyes are brown with amber flecks.[3] He walks with a military saunter and prefers to dress in black, because it really annoys the Norsundrians of the shock troops, who claimed black as their uniform.[4]


Even more than some of the other poopsies he enjoys violence, but it's no fun if the foe isn't worthy of his effort. He likes fighting, contests of any kind, challenges and risk. Later he becomes deeply addicted to the sea, like Erol--only unlike Erol his favorite type of sea-going vessel is a racing yacht, the faster the better.

[*]Mal is closer to the old Marolo that turned into Marlo, and still exists because it became part of a name in the west. (Marlovan --> Marloven) Mal is the eastern version, and though it began as 'reject' the meaning changed after the Venn left, and became something like 'anti-venn' but after centuries, the meaning leached out. It was mostly a last name, belonging to those who disclaimed their Venn heritage, but trickled down to a first name, especially in the royal family of Geranda.


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