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Markham Glenereth

Categories: The Trouble With Kings || Ralanor Veleth || Glenereth Family || missing page

Inherited the Glenereth estate, but lost it when his ambitious wife was defeated when she tried to take advantage of a young, struggling king to solidify power along the eastern border. She chose to die in a duel rather than be executed, leaving a baby son whom Markham farmed out; innocent of any of his wife's machinations, he lost his title and holdings, but swore himself as armsman to the king who granted him mercy. Thereafter he became shield arm to Jason Szinzar.

After Jason's marriage to Flian Elandersi, and the subsequent appearance of royal children, Flian persuaded Markham to bring his beloved son to grow up with the royal kids. This was fine until the war years, after which Lexan's life truly began.

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