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Shnit Sonscarna

King of Chwahirsland, known as Wan-Edhe, or, in the Chwahir language, THE King

born 7328, third son, behind Kwenz. Took throne by having his eldest brother assassinated in '52, after a year of extremely harsh rule. At first he promised Kwenz, who studied magic, that they would co-rule, but as Kwenz counseled moderation as he tutored Shnit, gradually shut his brother out and finally exiled him to the Mearsiean outpost. He had two sons, who he intended to raise to be his tools. The eldest, born in '54, never made it to twenty. The son born in '55 was more careful; he seemed unambitious like Kwenz and appeared to obey. He as encouraged to have kids, who were to be The King's trusted henchmen. A son, Jaffit, was born in '78 and a daughter, Gwasan, in '74. They were raised to lead double lives. Gwasan couldn't bear not fixing the ills, and ran away the year her brother had a baby, Kessler. Shnit, suspicious after the disappearance of his granddaughter Iwho he disinherited and then sent assassination teams to hunt) took Kessler's education over, which was a total disaster. Kessler ran off at age ten, aided by a mysterious figure, which caused Shnit's suspicion to flare; he set his dungeon master to spy on his family, with the result of a bloody purge leaving all dead except Kwenz.

Gwasan's name was entered into the enemies book, which betrayed her. Sshe was killed, but not before she had a son, who was removed by his father (non Chwahir) and raised in another land, with no knowledge of his background.

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