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Siamis Y Reverael

(pronounced SI-ah-mis. The I is 'Si' rhymes with eye)

At the time of Sartor's disastrous battle against Norsunder later called the Fall of Old Sartor (AKA known as "The Big Splat" by the Mearsiean Girls) Siamas (pronounced See-YAH-mas) was a child. He was regarded as the heir to Sfenrael Reverael Hindraeldre, his mother. She became head of the family and its land (Hindraeldre) when his uncle Detlef relinquished all claims to the title on becoming a dyranarya--who forswear the responsibilities of property and family, government and garden. The heirship prefix (ne-Hindraeldre) was to be officially shifted to Siamas as soon as he turned twenty , but events never permitted that to come to pass.

The Y just means "of"--the heads of families take the last name without the Y.

Siamas was twelve years old when he arrived home from a training journey to discover his family messily slaughtered, and youngest two of the Host of Lords, a pair of siblings from Old Ildaraeth, waiting for him, just so they'd have the pleasure of witnessing his discovery. He had had some training by his uncle (who had been a Guardian, a warrior, before sustaining a late call to become a Healer instead) and so accounted for himself well enough to get away, to their immense displeasure. But after that, he was the target of a hunt as excruciating as possible, played as publicly as possible, because the real powers-that-be wanted a much more desirable catch: Detlef.

Siamis was caught, dangled as bait as painfully as possible, and after his uncle's surrender, he was taken out of time and space to Norsunder, to re-emerge again as a young adult with the more modern version of his name, Siamis, in the year 7435. He made his debut as a Norsundrian with a one-man plan to take over Sartorias-deles. And for a year it actually worked.

What happened to Siamis during the time he was in Norsunder gradually comes to light as subsequent events unfolded. (And will appear here, fates willing, when said events get to a format where readers can find them.)

Categories: Fleeing Peace || A Sword Named Truth || Firejive || Old Sartor || Norsunder

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