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Silvanas has a knack with all animals. He trained as a tracker--he's fast and has amazing endurance--but his preference is working with animals, and there is no horse that he can't make friends with. After the boys were taken to Norsunder, he spent all his free time working through the abused, neglected animals kept at the Norsunder Base, and doing his best to care for them, so he learned even more.

The rest of the time he's sort of Edde's unofficial guardian. As a teen they are useful as spies--nobody pays attention to the little urchin, Edde, or to skinny, wispy-looking "Vana", with his slanting eyes and unkempt curly dark hair. Vana prefers using his hands to using steel, but he, like them all, is formidably trained. The only skill he values, though, is horseback trick riding.

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