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Cover round huts/yurts

castles and castles to palaces

(Maybe an entry on cities, walled and unwalled: city planning versus growth, ruins, etc?--three types of cities, defense, market, and pleasure)


Maulan tree platforms/ shaped fig-tree dwellings/ hollowed tree tunnels of west toar -- using fine cloth fashioned to collect rain for water, so they don't need to haul up buckets. Ingenious rain-catching system.

Various styles of houses and where (window box customs, Venn stoves versus regular heating, (central porcelain stoves w/vents, firesticks in fireplaces--expensive!--and Venn stoves, which are underground, beneath the floors, stones set out and sun collected by magic, then magic released slowly over winter. Floors warm in Venn houses, where weather is almost always fierce)

Organization of living space for different cultures--how it's changed and how hasn't

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