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Fan Language

Fan Language is the art of speaking with one's fan, as practiced in the court of countries such as Sartor and countries loyal to its monarchy (like Remalna). Depending on the angle and inclination of the fan as well as the individual's wrist posture, others are able to understand messages that may be too dangerous or too uncouth if spoken out loud. Fan Language consists of several modes, also closely related to Palm Etiquette.

Known Modes

  • Acknowledgement of Superior Aesthetics
  • Anticipation of Artistic Pleasure[
  • Careful Words
  • Confidential Invitation
  • Friend's Recognition
  • Harmonic Discourse
  • Intimate Confidence
  • Modesty Deferring to Brilliiance
  • On Guard
  • Parting With Parity
  • Present Only In Person
  • Unalloyed Gratitude
  • Walled Circle
  • Willfully Blind
  • Wishes from Dreams
  • Within the Circle

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