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A subset of mages trained mostly by the Mage Council, adept in doctoring skills as well as herbal knowledge and also what we would call psychology. They earn their pay by differing methods in most lands, but the Healer Oath established by the Mage Council requires them never to deny service. The Mage Council-trained healers are the highest in demand the world over.

As for their magic, there are no universal fix-it spells. Physical repair of any kind is extremely exacting, just as is surgery. However, the repair is mostly for damage. Very early in the history of humans’ discovery of magic, one of the first goals was the eradication of disease. Because microbes and harmful insects, etc, came over from Earth and were not a part of the environment of this world, the eventual eradication of fleas, for example, did nothing to the biosphere, which was still adjusting to the influx of life forms through the universal gateway. Specific diseases were isolated one by one and eradicated; thus there are, for example, no plagues and no STDs whatsoever on the world. People can and do get sick, though almost always through depressing their immune systems, a syndrome understood by healers, whose approach is holistic. Virus-transmitted disease hasn’t been entirely eradicated, as viri mutate too fast to be isolated, but their effect has been considerably reduced from the devastation of the early days.[1]


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