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Hal = land in sartoran, and aer = iridescent, also the name for pearl)

Halair, or land pears, are only found in the western mountains of the upper west end of Goerael, specifically Goerael Haer. When carefully crushed and mixed with certain oils, they create a pearlescent enamel that withstands weather, and shimmers beautifully in all light. After the destruction of Goerael Haer following the Norsundrian morvende purge, the city on Sky Island was rebuilt, and covered entirely in halair paint, in an effort to catch the look, at least, of the old disirad city. Most moderns don't even know what disirad is, of course, but the halair is jealously guarded, protected by stringent law, and not sold.

That means it is extremely costly in black market trade.

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