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Centaurs came to this world from elsewhere, bringing their own language and culture, but they adapted to this world, becoming friends mostly with the non-humans or humans like morvende and maulan who do not recognize the political world.

They were the first non-human race included in the Birth Spell as birth for them is extremely difficult. Their human half is basically the thinking and fine-work half, the horse half the functioning half: their stomachs are horse stomachs, thus they prefer to eat greens of various kinds. Their bodies have evolved to be small, requiring far less food than a full sized horse. Mammaries on the females' human half serve no purpose any more, and have dwindled to very small fat deposits, giving the female centaur's upper half a vaguely human female shape. Centaurs are long-lived, and prize learning. Centaurs can and do read as well as write, but their physical nature encourages memory, and their feats of memorization are phenomenal. Centaurs can be regarded as walking libraries, and so their company in gatherings focused on song, poetry, history, etc, is much prized.

They make excellent teachers. They tend to be retiring, and their usual way of dealing with threat is to vanish into the woods as fast as they can gallop, but if forced to fight, if they have time to train, they are formidable fighters indeed, relying mainly on bow and lance. They have been induced to fight on behalf of humans and of animals both.

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