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A group of non-human shape changers who settled largely along the northern shore of the Sartoran continent, in the middle of the strait, in what later became Bermund and Tser Mearsies.

These people could take any shape, irregardless of gender, a concept they thought fun and endlessly fascinating. As they did not reproduce as humans did, the gender behaviors were assumed--part of the game.

Many of them eventually became human in behavior, even mating with humans, reproducing by birth magic. These children took on human physiology, and largely lost the shapechanging abilities, over time.

An off-shoot of them resented losing their powers, and took their quarrel to humans, copying faces and taking their places. Named Yxubarecs, they were confined to a prison cloud by mages, but that did not succeed entirely in keeping them from their habits, until they were driven north.

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