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Sartorias-deles Home Page

Welcome to the Sartorias-deles wiki project! This website is a comprehensive guide to the works of Sherwood Smith set in the world of the same name. Sherwood has been writing about Sartorias-deles for over 50 years, the total number of stories amounting to well over a hundred, Crown Duel being the first in print.

From the planet's cosmology to the terms often used that we off-worlders are unfamiliar with, this website attempts to explain the ins and outs of S-d. Many have expressed a wish for a reference guide of this nature. The main categories are indicated in the sidebar, but beneath the surface you will find related groups, categories and articles.

I would like to take this opportunity to post a big fat SPOILER WARNING to fans coming to this website. Please remember that, as this is a reference guide, we add information as soon as it becomes available. Read all articles at your own risk.

Also, note that because this wiki is intended to be a comprehensive reference guide about Sartorias-deles, there will be information here that may not be suitable for all ages. The editors are trying to find a way to warn for this, but in the meantime read the articles at your own risk

This website is, first and foremost, a wiki. According to Wikipedia, the king of all wikis, a wiki is "a collaborative website which can be edited by anyone with access to it." The more people contribute to this website, the better, larger and more complete the S-d wiki becomes. However, due to sensitive copyright laws and general security concerns, you must obtain a special password in order to be able to edit any articles. Also, as it is too burdensome to run a registration system, only regular contributors will have accounts. Guest editors are welcome, however, and should read the proper section under the Editing Guidelines.

It is also customary to cite textual support, or if none is available, the abbreviation for popular sources. See the Citation Handbook for details.

Lastly, please familiarize yourself with the markup language before you create or edit any articles. The software used is PmWiki--included is a Basic Editing guide and a Documentation Index for more complicated markups (especially WikiTrails and Categories). Use the WikiSandbox for testing before making any contributions. Current version: PmWiki 2.3.3 on PHP 8.1, as of 2022-04-02.

Page last modified on April 02, 2022, at 09:17 PM