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Sartorias-deles is a planet that circles Erhal, the sun, in 441 days; the largest moon (there are a number of them, but only one large enough to be recognized as a moon for centuries) circling the world in 36 days.

On average, the planet's temperature is lower than Earth's. The polar regions are indeed cold, but a strong current up one coast brings fairly mild weather surprisingly far north, in the spring and summer. [1]

The humans who first arrived from Earth through the world gate divided the year into twelve months, with eight days at New Year's and a single day at Midsummer to make up the 441, with the new year always beginning on Firstday of a seven day week. Thus the lunar cycle is slightly off-balance by the end of the year, but it always comes right again in the new year.

The Sartorans were the first settlers over ten thousand years ago [2], so the southern calendar is called the Sartoran Calendar. It's in use by Sartoran influenced or settled lands north of the equator (called Fereledria, as it has its own unique magical properties). Some of the northern lands have their own Calendar, though in the present day (circa 4760s and up) the the Sartoran Calendar is fairly universally used, a la Western European Calendar by other countries who trade with them, maintaining their own count at home.

The lands north of the Fereledria simply reverse the celebrative days outside of the Calendar: New Year's is a single day, and Mid Summer gets eight days. Or, New Year's is at the height of summer, and Midwinter day is a single celebration.

The Sartoran calendar was officially adopted and regularized with participating northern nations (most) a couple centuries ago, when communication once again was reestablished internationally.

In most southern lands, either the Sartoran month and day names are used, or else the local equivalent of Firstday, Seconday, Firstmonth, etc. Sometimes both. Sartoran designations are often used for formal occasions, legal documents, and the like.

The word day in Sartoran is "di", or even "i" in the present time. The word comes from "dei" which meant "light".

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