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from norss-en-dar, (enemies, of the norse, the latter being a group of mages from one of the other planets in their system) a creation by a specific set of extremely powerful mages as a retreat when their attempt to take control of the world failed in what was subsequently termed the Fall of Old Sartor. Removed in space and time from the world, its geography is created and destroyed at their whim, and one can withdraw into its central force (its physical presence is known as the Garden of the Twelve) while centuries pass on the world. More about the mages is dealt with elsewhere, but let it here be noted that they have all their old abilities, that they lie in wait for the world to recover and be worthy of a second effort. Known as the Host of Lords, their chief maintains their powerbase by the consumption of the particular energies of identity and spirit, preferably against the wills of the victims, thus the term soul eater, one of the worst terms of invective in any language. People who choose Norsunder as an alternative to death are said to be damned; they may have plans for the accrual of power, but when they do make it to Norsunder they are left in no doubt whose will prevails.

Norsunder Base

Norsunder is a construct beyond time and physical locale, however in modern times they have established a base at the extreme southern edge of the Sartoran continent. It is below Sartor, the intent being clear: that Sartor is likely the first place to be conquered if and when they do erupt. The base was built on what used to be fine land, but was destroyed in the last major battle of the Fall of Old Sartor. What is left there is mostly barren rock, broken up by the tectonic shifts caused by mages. It was during this last battle that disirad vanished, and the survivors took warning that they might vanish, too. The war ended with Norsunder retreating to wait, and the survivors to begin the centuries-long process of picking up the pieces.

The Norsunder base was built of the local rock. It depends entirely on magical transfer for supplies, as nothing grows there, and the winters are especially harsh and long.

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