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It looks like a cross between metal and stone, would be a metalloid on the Periodic Table, somewhere around Palladium, but with the addition of a third bound state of quarks besides proton and neutrons, which makes magic possible. This non-Palladium, disirad, might be considered the balance point in the Periodic Table of Elements on S-d, as its neutrons, protons, and this third nucleod are balanced in number. Disirad resonates through everything in that world, including humans, enabling them to effectively divide the three (body, mind, and spirit) for purposes of restablishing harmony. Since it was only found in few places, it had to be mined. Its primary function was as an amplifier, used in particular by trained healers, called dyranarya, who fashioned it into easily portable aids called dyra. Humans sensitive to its presence discovered that they could leave their physical limitations and travel as discrete mental indentities; disirad was used to build places of study to enhance the brain's power, and to help people whose unity, or dena Yeresbeth, was askew, manifesting in physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual dis-ease. But disirad could amplify any magic directed by will; during the Fall, Norsunder began using it for offense and then the Sartorans used it for defense, until it was all but used up.

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